Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Kitchen cabinets are one of the essential elements that speak about the style of every kitchen. Due to that reason, people search for better cabinet design ideas, top trends, and more while they build or remodel their kitchens.

Note that there is a visible trend towards simplicity and minimalism when it comes to kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, a significant percentage of people need customised styles that can give a unique appeal to their kitchen.

Do you plan to remodel your kitchen and searching for some unique cabinet design ideas to make your kitchen livelier and perfect?

The following cabinet design trends can help you to build your dream kitchen.

Oak Wood Cabinets

A few decades back, oak wood cabinetry was the primary choice for most people. The popularity of cherry and maple woods brought an end to the reign of oak wood after the 90’s.

In recent years, many homeowners began connecting to their past, and it reflects in the kitchen cabinets as well.

Oak cabinets offer simple, clean, and rustic look for all types of homes from beachside bungalows to French cottages. With oak cabinets, kitchens get a connection to a natural element. Most kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer a variety of door styles using oak. You can either choose the natural colour of the oak or apply a coat of grey, black, or blue based on the kitchen interior.

A Colour Statement

Many homeowners want cabinets giving a colour statement and stand apart in their kitchen. For cabinets, they want customised colours that can complement the kitchen spaces. You can choose light, medium, or dark tones for your cabinets based on the interior of your kitchen.

If you want a bold statement for your cabinets, choose dark tones. You can go for navy blue, inky black, and emerald green, however, these dark tones are less popular compared to light and medium shades. You can order custom cabinets with the colour you want or call for the service of a professional painter.


Today, many homeowners prefer kitchen cabinets with embellishments. The decorations and attachments can make your kitchen look luxurious and stylish. People take ideas from architecture and furniture to add embellishments.

Undercounter corbels, arched openings, fancy feet are some of the most common decorative options available for kitchen cabinets. You can also add mouldings, cutouts, and carvings to improve the visual aspects of cabinets.

Open Shelving

Many homeowners prefer open shelves while they remodel their kitchen. It helps them to keep matching dinnerware sets and speciality pieces in the open shelves for better display. Open cabinets also ensure an airy feel for your kitchen and look more spacious.

The cabinets also make your cooking efficient as you can see the glasses, bowls, and utensils and grab it quickly without the need of opening the cabinet doors. If you have some unique mason jars, crystal wine bottles, or fruit bowls, you can store those in your open cabinets and make your kitchen look luxurious and stylish.

Under Cabinet Lighting

LED lighting under upper cabinets became a popular design trend in recent years. Instead of traditional incandescent lights, homeowners prefer LED for good lighting. It also improves the overall ambience. LED lights are available in various colours and last for several years.

Homeowners commonly use puck, bar, and strip LED lights for under cabinet lighting. You can also choose fluorescent fixtures and xenon lights. Halogen lights are another option, but you should note that it generates much heat – might affect your food products stored inside the cabinets.


In recent years, technology advancements began taking part in the design aspects of kitchen cabinets as well. While choosing the design trends, you should also ensure that it fits your lifestyle and not complicating your cooking and other kitchen activities.